Thursday, July 25, 2013


I have been using the Acer Chromebook for about six months now and I can say the following:

1. Even after putting in 8GB of RAM, and even having the 16GB ROM flash as a hard drive, it is still pretty slow, meaning, the CPU is just simply too slow to be worthwhile. It does boot up fast and there are never crashes because of how much RAM I put in, but it is still fairly slow compared to my Macbook Air. If you want to work efficiently, this is not the laptop for you. If you just want to check on things, blog, see Facebook, write a short article or essay in Drive, or send an email, then it is fine.

2. The battery never last more than 4 hours. Keep your charger with you at all times. This is NOT for working on flights, unless you have a way of charging it.

3. The system itself is easy to use and I have already used VPN. Works just fine.

4. WIFI has no problems normally. I have found that at one of the universities that I work at, it has had problems in connecting because of the convoluted way they want you to connect.

5. Only took 2 minutes to start working out of the box.

6. Has a lot of potential if you have a good processor and battery, which this does not have.

7. Has HDMI and VGA out. Both work fine. Big advantage for older projectors.

8. Needs a better mouse option (like three fingers on the Macbook) to select and move things. Here you have to double click and then drag. Not efficient. Everything else is just fine and has the rest of the options that a Mac has for doing things with the mouse.

9. NOTICE keyboard shortcut for "Full Screen" is shift+F4. Took my a while to find this.

10. When I get the new ACER C720P I will explain how the chromecast works with it because with the C7 it does NOT work with the chromecast.

UPDATE 1PM ON 25 JULY 2013: The two finger scroll is very nice and smooth. Competes very well with the Apple Trackpad. Thumbs up for this.

UPDATE 5PM ON 30 JULY 2013: I found another awesome trackpad shortcut, if you use THREE fingers, you can move around the tabs as if it was ctrl+tab. It is pretty awesome, try it out!!

AS WELL, Google Plus does not work well on the Chromebook, very choppy, and this has nothing to do with the RAM because I have 8GB, but rather with the GPU or CPU. I still have to find out why, but very poor performance, and it still could not scroll without pausing constantly.

UPDATE 10PM 5 AUGUST 2013: Found another awesome shortcut and the Google help archive gave it to me for magnifing the sceen. Putting it below for those who want it:

"After you've enabled Accessibility features, you'll be able to adjust them from the status area. Then you can press Ctrl + Alt + Brightness up or Brightness down (or use Ctrl + Alt + two fingers scrolling up or down on the trackpad) to magnify the screen. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Z to enable or disable spoken feedback."

UPDATE 5:30PM 6 AUGUST 2013: To change the resolution of the screen Simply press ctrl + shift + + to decrease the resolution, ctrl + shift + - to increase the resolution, and ctrl + shift + 0 to return everything back to default settings.

As well, I am adding the webpage with all the shortcuts that you can use: CHROMEBOOK SHORTCUTS
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